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Only 1″ in the front and 1. If you know how to remove laptop keyboards you can add padding underneath which would eliminate or minimize the flex. Whatever heat the laptop produces is located underneath at the left side of the unit where the CPU and chipset reside. Gateway included some good software with this camera. Please let us know how you get on with the above and awe can provide further advice from there. The screen looks perfect looking directly at it. Even under low light the picture looked fairly detailed and color information was retained when used in “night mode.

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You can feel some warmth on the left palm rest but it does not cause any issues like a sweaty palm. I found this unit to be very quiet.

Gateway T User Review

The keyboard is surrounded by a brushed aluminum boarder. While browsing the internet and doing general tasks the fan does turn on but is inaudible. Horizontal on the other hand is very good. Say thanks by giving Kudos!

As noted before I recommend setting the integrated graphics to Gatesay as the MB setting did nothing to improve 3D performance. Both have four on each side. Everything feels solid and the body does not flex. Super Pi forces the processor to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy and the T scored a time of 1 minute and 45 seconds. You could contact the manufacturer to see if they are aware of any issues of this nature. I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with your upgrade.


Memory Archive Read Only: The mouse buttons have a glossy finish and are fingerprint magnets. However, for an entertainment notebook better quality speakers would have been nice and you might want to pickup an extra battery if you travel as battery life is only meteoric.

While overall not as fast as the more expensive Core 2 Duo the Turion X2 is y1616 speedy and easily handled anything I threw at it even under multitasking. No laptop with integrated graphics is going to break any speeds records in 3D gaming although the X Radeon X core can surely play many older 3D games.

Visit our network of sites: If you know how to remove laptop keyboards you can add padding underneath which would eliminate or minimize the flex.

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I am not interested in doing any heavy 3D gaming on a laptop so the integrated ATI graphics are more than enough for me. Pictures gatewag videos look nice and colors are saturated enough. We know that all modules and both slots are working ok so I think the problem may be down to the density of the modules.

PCMark05 measures the gatdway system performance of a notebook and the T scored 2, While not intended for modern 3D gaming warfare, it will handle light gaming. Also, please check that your system BIOS is up to date from the manufacturer’s website. I highly recommend using ear buds or external speakers when watching movies.


With the fan at full speed it remained very quiet even in a silent room and only produces a gentle hum. Tilt the screen toward you and the picture lightens and washes out colors, tilt it away and it gets darkened out so basically it has a very narrow vertical viewing angle.

Gateway T-1616 User Review

I found the keyboard does have some keyboard flex to it and it is noticeable when typing. I personally like glossy screens as they have a CRT look to them. The troubleshooting you have done so t16166 is good and helps to narrow down the problem. Next to it is an integrated MIC as well.

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I guess Vista just eats up a good MB already. Shop for your region: Underneath the saw tooth cut design are the media buttons to launch Media Center and control the player.

Mouse touchpad is made by Synaptics and is excellent.