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I purchased this laptop as a desktop replacement, so battery life was not a major issue as it would be almost constantly plugged into the mains. There is an infrared port, which can be used to connect to other laptops, printers, PDAs, phones etc. The average transfer rate is Once removed, you may see two thin coloured wires hanging from the bottom of the Amilo A-Series laptop display panel which will meet in a small white ‘plug’. Overall this is a great value desktop replacement notebook. The only minor issue is that there is no little LED light above the screen like ThinkPads for working in darker conditions. The laptop takes 43 seconds to start up and 13 seconds to shut down.

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Fujitsu Amilo-A6600 (CY26) Laptop Parts

Seller is not responsible for damaged or lost packages during shipment. When I first opened the box, the laptop was quite a bit bigger and heavier than my old ThinkPad. GB There are currently no items in your basket.

We pack the laptops very carefully and the contents of the package should withstand the shipping process.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A Notebook Review (pics, specs)

On mains power, it scoresand on battery it scores because the processor throttles down to MHz to maximise battery life. It does still look good on the widescreen display, crisp, sharp and no visible ghosting.


Why do I need to login to see this item? Comes with Li-ion battery, life of battery is not guaranteed. By continuing to use the site, fujistu are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. PCMark04 results view larger image. It is nice and bright, evenly lit and produces a nice sharp picture. Like most laptop speakers, they are quiet rujitsu have no bass. The AC97 audio configuration lets you use 5. Using SuperPi to calculate the processor performance, siwmens can work out 1 million digits in 45 secs, and 2 million digits in 1min 45 sec.

It detected my Nokia and I was able to send ring tones etc to it with no problems.

My old ThinkPad had glossy letters that did not get dirty. It has a I only ship to the 48 fujitdu lower states. I am planning to upgrade the RAM soon sefies replacing one of the mb modules with mb. A Barometer with a Story Collecting: They are adequate for general bleeps and noises, but for music they are too quiet. It hibernates in 11 seconds and restores back in 19 seconds. The keyboard is black with white letters, which do get dirty after a bit of use.


There were no dead pixels on the screen and there is no light leakage. If I was, then I would have custom built a desktop.


I do not have any major complaints with the laptop. HD Tune benchmarks the hard drive. More Items From eBay C. I think it was a great deal because it offered an excellent specification for a good price. When I purchase a new laptop, I usually format the hard drive and install a fresh copy of the operating system from the restore CD for optimum performance. It is a powerful 64 bit CPU, so I would be able to run 64 bit applications and operating systems in the future.

The average transfer rate is HDTune Benchmarks view larger image HDTune Info results view larger image Graphical performance is very good for the price, as this notebook had siemenss best graphics card in my price range.

Right side of laptop view larger image.

I will relist laptop and negative feedback will be left.