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This has a lot of advantages: Hi Barney Looks great! I have the MotCam cameras on tripods and those tripods have rope and stakes to attach them to the ground to make them stable. Unfortunately I have not much results of this windy day because our Austrian colleague hits the center base with full speed and I was not able to recover it before the end of the day. Dear participants, the starting order is finished already and can be seen here. How are you accessing those? In the cloud of false positives the plane was detected always correctly.

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You need an extra device doing r3f. Barney, Do you have a parts list of what you are using? The orange box in the pictures is version 0.

May 25, May 21, Your system looks really interesting. There is not much space left Views: May 19, Originally Posted by concreteman. Olav Kallhovd the inventor of ff amazing CG measurement unit created a cover box for the Raspberry. Return to Multi Task F3X.

piCAMTracker F3F plane detection – RC Groups

Feb 07, I had used the FXX tracker years ago for F3B practice and it worked in some scenarios, but it was not practical no Camrea, I did not have enough field of view with the camera, etc. I’ve got some of the pieces, and may want to combine a case with one of Simon’s xbee base units, so I need to get all of the parts I suppose if you used a regular large tripod, and did not extend the legs and staked it to the ground that it should be stable enough.


Images View all Images in thread Views: That is part of what makes this hard Originally Posted by g00bd0g. How well does it handle moving grass and bushes in the field of view? Also, the lens cover for the outside case?

And thank you for the flowers…….:

The motion detection of the actual solution is completely done in hardware on the Raspberry. My pi2 camera is on its way, so r3f to be able to test soon. The detailed pilot information for the different nations i. I might not be understanding, when you say “detects a turn” does this mean it sends a signal when the course marker has been passed or after the sailplane has actually made a turn?

F3F | ASUS Global

Dear participants, the starting order is finished already and can be seen here. The cover box I need to write the documentation Soon it showed up that the Raspberry is too slow for this task.


Do you have an idea to fix the camera 1 to 1,5 m above the ground. Does that come with the camera? Last view on the South-East Slope in Vitt during the competition!

American Naval Propeller Fighter Wallpaper

Oct 29, Last weekend I met some friends in Denmark for a training and test session. The camera can be tricked with very near fly bys.

The source code is open and you can find it on github A reference to an image V0. I need famera write the documentation The curtain has dropped.