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The browser supports CSS animations. JS Support Events – restricted -. CPU Maximum Frequency – restricted -. JS Query Selector – restricted -. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports the Query Selector. Properties Check our available device properties. Verify that the browser behaves as expected.

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The supplier of the operating system. Enterprise High performance local version of DeviceAtlas.

Total RAM – restricted. JSR30 – restricted. OS Android – restricted.

NTT Docomo SO905iCS

Support for the streaming of media encoded in the 3GP envelope, with the H codec. Getting Started Step by step guide to get up and running fast. The web browser supports the SSL protocol. Internal Storage Capacity – restricted.

The device is distributed with Windows Mobile pre-installed. Please choose or enter an opinion value. The browser version on the device.


About SAR of SO905iCS

The browser supports CSS animations. The total number of addressable pixels in the vertical direction of a rectangular display when held in its default orientation. User may touch the screen to interact with the device.

Memory Limit Embedded Media – restricted. The browser supports CSS transforms. The diagonal dimension of the screen in inches. HSDPA – restricted. Device Browser Device information and properties.

Primary Hardware Type – restricted. CSS Animations – restricted.

The model name of a device, browser or some other component e. The ability of the web browser to render a page using WML. Network Protocols CSD – restricted. JavaVM Midp – restricted. JS Session Storage – restricted.

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Chipset Model – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Geo Location. Beta Properties JQM – restricted. Supports Client Side – restricted.

Sony Ericsson / NTT DoCoMo FOMA SOiCS Cyber-shot Phone | iTech News Net

JS Support Console Log – restricted. OS Family – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports the Query Selector.


The ability of the web browser to download and open the device’s address book when a vCard URI is used.