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Gear [E] and bushing [F] x 1 The ID sensor measures the reflectivity of the pattern. Independent Dot Erase When the user selects Text 1 and 2, Photo 2, and Special 1, 2, and 5 modes, independent dots are detected using a matrix and erased from the image. If further adjustment is required, repeat this procedure. If this setting is left at the default 15 s , the motor will stop if the user does nothing for 15s. If the drum surface is dirty or if you have accidentally touched it, wipe it with a dry cloth, or clean it with wet cotton and then wipe it dry with a cloth.

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StartCopy – Совместимость (аналоги) копиров Ricoh – NRG – Infotec – Lanier

This is when the platen is positioned about 15 cm above the exposure glass, for example while it is being closed. There are three MTF filters, a smoothing filter, independent dot erase, and line width correction.

After finishing the software download, turn off the main switch and remove the memory card. Disconnect the flat cable [B].


C C C C Clean with water or alcohol. Remove the duplex transport motor [C]! Install the key counter cover [F] 2 screws.

Nashuatec 1805d

Paper did not reach the vertical transport sensor. Counter – Printouts by Paper Tray Displays the total number of sheets sficio from each paper 1 1st feed station. The higher setting, the greater number of dots the machine will erase. Do not touch the surface of the paper feed rollers. Duplex entrance sensor [G] [E] BR Original Width Sensors 6. Paper did not reach the relay sensor.

Ricoh AE011065, Upper Fuser Roller, 1015, 1018- Original

Copy Count Display 3. America, these lists cannot be printed without the IMB installed.

The toner density sensor [B] is taped to the bottom of the PCU. B One-sided Free Run Process If a job has started before the copier completes the warm-up or initializing period, keep hands away from the mechanical and electrical components because the starts making copies as soon as the warm-up period is completed.

Reinstall the cover removed in step 2. The following message is displayed. Tighten the other three screws. This functions only affects binary picture processed images for certain original modes.

North America 16MB standardOthers no standard afkcio. Leading edge registration B: Refer to the SMC lists or the data you have written down, and re-enter any values that differ from the factory settings. Install the platen cover [A] 2 screws.


The laser subsystem is replaceable in the field by a qualified Customer Engineer. Do not turn the PCU upside down, as doing so will cause toner and developer to spill out.

The exposure lamp shuts off automatically after 30 seconds. Hook the key counter holder assembly [K] onto the stepped screw [F]. To select aficuo program, you need to enter each class number in sequence.

Drivers for manufacturers Ricoh to Printers

To select a third-class program if there are any: With 2, they are not cleared at all, under either condition. Press in on the latch, and pull out the PCU. It is included as standard equipment on all other models.

Do not incinerate toner bottles or used toner.