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Today was one of those days. Next to the SATA connectors we have the front panal connector pins. I purchased an identical system board and transplanted the CPU from the first system board to the second system board. Sep 12, Posts: I don’t know whether or not this is an issue but I have a suspicion that that is what is causing linux not to find the optical drive. Rave’s comment above really got me thinking, and forced me to go back and review every single step in my process. The hd is connected to the top right sata port on the board and the optical is connected to the top left port.

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Gigabyte AMD 690G chipset GA-MA69GM-S2H User Manual

Final Thoughts And Conclusion. According to the numbering on the board this equates to Sata ports 0 and 1? Hopefully this weekend will bring some better news That also has 4 sata ports. Apr 24, Posts: Test Setup Page 5: Are you sure the “power” switch jumper is on the right pins on the motherboard?

When I had the first system board in the case, it did appear to be resting correctly on the standoffs, and I was able to screw in all five retaining screws into the standoff holes without any strain or flexing.

Gigabit lan is supported with the Realtek SC controller. Fri Apr 25, 5: On the case that I was using, the cable for the front panel power switch appeared to be too short to reach all the way over to the front panel header, so I incorrectly concluded that the C1 chassis intrusion header was actually the power switch connector.


Did you install the CPU according to the manual? From you OP it sounds e2h nothing is happening when you turn on the power. I also reseated xata of the memory.

Sat Apr 26, 1: We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action! Sat Apr 26, 3: I have 2 of the giga-boards in service, and they’re excellent so far.

The Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H Motherboard Review – Page 2 of 7 – Legit ReviewsBoard Layout

Mq69gm probably won’t be able to work on this until tomorrow, but when I do I’ll proceed as s2u originally recommended: Wonder of wonders, the fscking thing fired up like a champ. Would appreciate any advise you can give please. That is also where we find both s2y IDE and floppy connectors. The hd appears to be working correctly but the optical drive is not recognised by the OS. Join Date Dec Posts 2. What I am hoping for from this post is to get some help putting together a step by step plan to put together a working system out of these components.

I have found that most people forget the 4 power connector to the mobo whenever I have plugged in the 24 pin connector but leave out saha 4 pin I like to mount the cpu, hsf and memory before installing the board in the case, when possible. I do agree that system boards belong in cases instead of sitting out exposed even on an ESD matbut as you indicated, I wanted to see if the standoffs were causing a short, and it was the safest way that I had available to test this angle.


I needed a parallel port for an older printer, and this worked easily- http: Note to those following this thread from the beginning: I know Slax small distro’s used to boot fine from USB. Please forgive me if “jumpers” is the wrong word, I haven’t built a system in a while. Fri Apr 25, 9: The hd is connected to the top right sata port on the board and the optical is connected to the top left port.

I have a replacement processor arriving later today, so I plan to spend some time this weekend working through this issue. I’m not convinced of the wisdom of using a conductive mat as a resting place for a powered up system board, seems likely to break something.

If it’s working you’ll still get the bios screen, obviously without a disk it won’t go much further but it’s enough for troubleshooting.