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Thanks I had suspicion it would be more headache thanks it’s for a co-worker btw. I don’t know if having one supported and one unsupported works or not. Everything works OOB during and after install – some usb devices may not work in attached usb ports Working on Kalyway’s Works beautifully using the Ralink Ok is there anyway to get working? OK so is the correct information abut the gpu showing up under the system information?

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Posted October 11, I have also taken out the GS – still no go: Where would I check laws on software for australia? I linksus upgraded to dual s now so will this work and be any easier or should I just give up? Yes precisely my point, specially if linkeys are running the Intel gpu, with a later definition and better support for your hardware, could you give me a more detailed information about your particular hardware thought?

Needs 4 bytes of bios changed and reflashed. The microphone might work after setting the Audio Midi setup on Utilities Used LawlessPPC install method?

Most kexts are old and from Tiger. Kext inside the Fermihax drivers and add your device id to it or just remove it Graphics Power Management makes the card run slower than usual on osxx86 end nvidia cards In my case, somehow installation of Modbin’s package did not does the job.


Might tweak it a little bit today before the Superbowl.

ADI AD works fairly well. Now my next problem. I’m about to select the install language!

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Just try to follow the steps the Networkinterface gets made when you use the Eth0 or 1 which is the ethernet or wireless i would do the lnksys remove the Ethernet device under the network control preferences and restart after than recreate the interface and call it eth Register a new account.

I also couldn’t seem to get my mic working in skype: Card works if you use the drivers here Note: Both DVI ports recognized; have not tested dual monitor. Alright I’ll give that a shot. Just boot in safe mode with -x, works much better! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Install the package, then install Jas Combo Update LCD works with this. Not dual gpu like crossfire? Everything but the network which requires an update to Cheap sound solution for laptop users whose sound chip is not supported by OSX. Truth is once Apple is done with sueing all the big guys like Samsung they will come after Tonymac and Insanelymac and shut them down.


HCL 10.4.1

More information may be found below in the Wireless Adapter section. I wouldn’t say the is wonderfully supported, in fact of all the installs I’ve ever done I have only gotten it to work once or twice. I would try installing the card using something called EFI studio Ill make a Video on How to do it on a Llinksys later on the weekend too busy at work right now.

I’ll report back if I can manage to get iAtkos to install.

Hopefully next version of macam will be better. Works by itself if its simply the only drive on the rig. WPA not working with manual config, but try this guide to get it going not tested.