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In my review of the iDAC, I had commented on the amount of detail that it pulled out of the recordings. Using the hiFace DAC is very easy. The presentation and appearance are a far cry from the smaller, metal-housed Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC, with its brightly-illuminated-when-connected dragonfly logo, and far more substantial, impressive, and costly multi-colored packaging and multi-page instruction book. Follow Us on Twitter: Prospective buyers in the head-fi field are strongly urged to snag an apriori audition before committing. Because of the weight of the Harmonic Tech cables, which stretched from the laptop at the very top of my rack to the preamp on the bottom shelf, I had to prop up the little DAC with its own packaging. The unit only handles PCM.

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M2Tech (Manunta) hiFace DAC Async USB 384/32

And a big wink to Steven on the Tranquility Bases. In terms of being a hi-fi bargain, the answer is surely – YES! Thanks to two quartz precision oscillators used on M2Tech hiFace DAC, clock source for internal interface to the conversion IC features a very low jitter.

Hence, I never performed the comparison. I can see the hiFace at its lower price being a huge attraction to anybody wanting the ‘most bang for their buck. Use the M key to toggle the mute function so that you see the following:. If you’re building or renovating please bring in your plans to discuss the possibilities. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? Related Latest Reviews Recommended. How does it sound?


M2Tech (Manunta) hiFace DAC Async USB /32

Balking at the bulk. Become one of us. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know hifacce price. But, as much as a move isn’t easy, it does feel as though Liberation Day is finally approaching.

The unit only handles PCM. Back to the real beef.

The booming DAC market shows no sign of slowing: The imaging is rock-steady with the sound stage being wide and deep. We build you a great Hi-Fi System. Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on July 30, – 9: Submitted by ms on July 30, – 9: Well, to these ears, the answer is ‘fabulous’: It appears that something called udev is muting the two clock selectors. First contact is at: After all, isn’t CD quality more than good enough for anyone, not to mention there being precious little higher-resolution music out there to play?

Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on July 31, – 8: To provide proper context, both the original Audioquest Dragonfly and HRT microStreamer have output impedances of less than one Ohm and can therefore drive a rac range of headphones.


It’s impressive when a piece of hi-fi sounds so good that the desire to tweak it is almost non-existent, but that is the case with the hiFace DAC, as it was with the iDAC. Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. From multi-room audio to a custom theatre, our audio visual designers have years of experience creating systems for some of Australia’s finest homes.

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Improving iOS audio with the m2Tech hiFace USB DAC

My Account Dav In. Submitted by JayPee on July 30, – 5: Power cables were Synergistic Research for the Synergistic Research chain, and Nordost Odin for the rest of the equipment. On the other hand, the hiFace DAC line output is capable of driving most medium- and high-impedance headphones.