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I went to the driving range Saturday. I just got the Hi Bore XL with the gold shaft and a 9. I played again last Friday and hit the ball well again. It lands like an iron shot, vertical and stopping. Being in the Middle east there arent too many shops around let alone courses.

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It is harder to work thats what the Tour version is for … but I have never seen a hiboee that wanted to go straight as desperately and consistently as this one does.

Cleveland hibore xl tour driver review 12 you can: What shaft works well with this head! Launch angle was around 14 degrees.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review

Hibre anyone who might be thinking bibore getting a 3 wood HiBore to go along with the driver, think about an Aldila shaft. Only one complaint, the face is very hard and vibration is hard on the joints.

Iron sets must contain a minimum of five 5 consecutive clubs with matching shafts, including a Pitching Wedge. Try the red, stiff, 9. Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. My trajectory is average.


Hibore XL Tour Driver. Shafts have a lot to do with spin.

Instead I notice because I saw a store selling them as non-conforming and I started digging. Probably gold shaft I hit this club better than any other driver I have ever tried. techh

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver

My guess is XLS, Hibofe the condition of my used golf clubs affect the value? I have been on launch monitors and at the range with various other drivers and shafts with limited results. I have been golfing for about 18 yrs and have hit a number of different clubs.

I feel that any good swinger of the golf club should give the tour head xl a whirl. At the driving range, I tested the Hibore XL with the gold shaft, both stiff and reg. I used to drive the ball with the 2 wood. The Cleveland Hibore XL is an awsome club.

Cleveland HiBore XL Degree Driver Graphite Regular Flex Golf | eBay

Got bitten by the bug; since starting in February I must hiborf played 45 rounds. But mph is a strong enough clubhead speed to make use of the red shaft IMHO. Stiff would be the right one for you. Other than that, I didn’t see much a difference.


My drive is last not really lost any distance in comparison to my Launcher Comp. When the snow melts next spring………Look out! Yesterday asked it to a friend, and went onto the course for test, only for two holes for time hibord. I love this club, and it truly is loud — people by the club house thought I was swinging a microwave when they heard me tee off on No.

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Flied until the ft red mark!!! I hope we are all debating in good fun. I would say it probably far predates that. I also think it the XLS sets up better. I usually hit theball further than anyone I play with when I hit it properly, that is.