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If the batteries are aged, they must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure full protection for your equipment see 6. The unit can be used as a frequency converter: This feature reduces the battery recharge time considerably: If the unit is used as a frequency converter, the bypass function is no longer available. Normal Operation Normal operation conditions: GE Digital Energy Use:

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As a result poor charging of the batteries under low temperature conditions and overcharging of the batteries under high temperature conditions are avoided. When working with batteries, remove watches, rings or other metal objects, and only use insulated tools. Disconnect the DC connectors. Status and Alarm Indications status indications low priority alarms high 150 alarms the operating mode abnormal operating situations situations in which the actual output voltage of the UPS is no longer guaranteed; immediate action should be taken 8 9 10 fig.

The UPS is intended to be used in normal domestic and office situations. It is important that ventilation air can move freely around and through the unit.


Scroll through the three functions with keypad ‘I’, the one selected blinks. All rights reserved; reproduction in whole or in parts without permission is prohibited.

User manual Netpro UPS_百度文库

Press keypad ‘I’ until the buzzer sounds. The 4 yellow LEDs indicate during 3 seconds the remaining runtime for the actual load. If digitl damage is present please immediately notify the carrier and place of purchase. It is not allowed to connect an external charger to the UPS! Do not block the air vents. Battery Management This feature reduces the battery neptro time considerably: Bypass operation is inhibited: The unit will automatically turn on again when mains power is restored.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Do not use extension cords. Be careful when connecting laser printers: Overtemperature can be caused by: Quick battery testThe quick battery test checks whether the batteries and their wiring are healthy.

If a quick batterytest shows that the batteries are close to being worn out, a ‘replace battery’ alarm will begenerated see 3. Remove clamp two screws and replace thebatteries. When the mains returns the UPS will start up automatically.


The UPS will shutdown! Techno logy for t he Digital Wo rld.

The equipment connected to the UPS can now be switched on. This way service costs, specially in remote areas, can be reduced considerably. The UPS contains batteries.

GE 600 – 1500 VA User Manual

Start-up, mains not available If the mains input is absent power cord not connected, or mains failure: The LEDs ‘on’ and ‘on battery’ 13, fig. UPS operates on battery see 3.

Don’t have an account? The UPS operates on battery: The isolation transformer allows the output neutral to be connected to – protective earth upss setting – the input neutral or be isolated.