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The intellectual merit of this work is that the tephrochonological studies will provide independently dated time-stratigraphic markers in the ice core, particularly for the deepest ice, linking tephra layers between the WAIS Divide core and the Siple Dome core which will allow detailed comparisons to be made of coastal and inland climate. Understanding the environmental factors that control predator population dynamics is critically important for projecting the state of populations under future climate change scenarios, and for designing better conservation strategies for the Antarctic ecosystem. Existing multibeam, deep tow side-scan sonar, and core data will provide a framework for this research. Our research project addresses the reasons why surface lakes form on Antarctic ice shelves and how these surface lakes subsequently contribute to the forces that may contribute to ice-shelf breakup like that of the Larsen B. This model used a polar stereographic grid. An Antarctic ice core currently being drilled at the South Pole will allow detailed investigation of atmospheric gases and fill an important gap in understanding the pattern of climate variability across Antarctica.

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This project also offers an excellent platform to demonstrate the process of climate-change science – how scientists simulate climate change scenarios and interpret model results. Ice cores in Polar Regions offer unparalleled records of earth’s climate over the pastyears. Recent geochemical and molecular analyses support a marine source for the salts and microorganisms in Blood Falls.

These integrated field and modeling studies are expected qw-3035 elucidate fundamental properties of water column and sea bottom ecosystem structure and function in the fjords, and to identify key physical-chemical-glaciological forcing in these rapidly warming ecosystems.

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Layered intrusions are typically thought to cool and crystallize over very long timescales allowing for significant differentiation of the magmas and reorganization of the cumulate rocks.

Refining a kyr Climate Record From the Mt. The McMurdo Dry Valleys as-3035 Antarctica represents the largest ussap ice-free region on the continent. Recent observations of rapid changes in discharge of fast-flowing outlet glaciers and ice streams suggest that dynamical responses to warming could affect that ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica.

In addition to providing the new high-resolution digital elevation model DEMthe project will ultimately result in identification of areas that are susceptible to sediment-enhanced melt-driven change, providing a powerful prediction tool for the impacts of climate change.


To test this hypothesis, the PI proposes to conduct a detailed marine geological and geophysical survey of Central and Joides Troughs in the western Ross Sea.

The results will be broadly disseminated to the general usa research community through scientific workshops, conferences and peer-reviewed journal articles, and to undergraduate and graduate education communities, K schools and organizations, and the interested public through web-based servers using existing infrastructure at the investigators’ institutions. Modified paleo-depth grids will be made available at a later time. Assessment of possible consequences of these responses is hampered by the lack of information about the basal boundary conditions.

To our knowledge, it is the first analytical coupled model, and the first examination of stability of the coupled system. Marine communities along the western Antarctic Peninsula are highly productive ecosystems which support a diverse assemblage of charismatic caam such as penguins, seals, and whales as well as commercial fisheries such as that on Antarctic krill.

Because windborne transport of biota is a key aspect of enhanced connectivity from katabatic winds, new monitoring will include high-resolution measurements of aeolian particle flux.

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While this is initially counter-intuitive, the hypothesis falls out of simple heat balance equations and the observation that the thickness of cumulates at the roofs of such intrusions is negatively proportional to the size of the intrusion.

Locating this event, as well as the other reversals, will be a major addition to understanding of the geological history of the Antarctic Peninsula.

We addressed the major questions as to what factors are responsible for the selection and dominance of non-phototrophic N2 fixers in these systems and how these groups respond to environmental variation i. Our discovery of old ice demonstrates that there is gas-record-quality ice from the 40,year world in the Allan Hills Main Ice Field. Synthesizing the field data, the team proposes to improve the resolution of existing regional-scale climate models for the Ross Embayment.

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The PIs group currently has 4 undergraduate researchers.


Atmospheric, cloud, and surface data from ISCCP are used as input with a fast scheme zw-3035 computing clear-sky irradiance from the solar zenith angle, air properties, and surface reflectance. Salpa Thompsoni in the Southern Ocean: One organism with an aragonite shell that is a key to high latitude ecosystems is the pteropod. Themes free blackberry The proposed research will improve the ice and gas chronologies in the South Pole ice core by making in situ measurements of firn compaction in the upstream catchment to constrain models of the gas-age ice-age difference.

Ocean acidification OA poses a serious threat, particularly to organisms that precipitate calcium carbonate from seawater. Our multidisciplinary research combining glaciology, numerical modeling, and robotics engineering is an engaging way to show how robotics can assist scientists in collecting hazardous field measurements. It will also use next generation sequencing methods to characterize the in-situ prokaryotic assemblages microbiomes of one of these groups and compare acm to reference sediment microbiomes.

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Prior marine geophysical work provides good crustal velocity models for the region seaward of the ice shelf but mantle structure is constrained by only low-resolution images due to the lack of prior seismic deployments. Gould LMG – Protein folding and function at cold temperature: Shear margins play a key role in ice shelf stability, and ice shelves in turn modulate the flux of ice from the ice sheet across the grounding line to the ocean. This study will also examine the responses of Adelie penguins to changes in sea ice dynamics and ice algae-phytoplankton phenology.

Using a spectoradiometer that covers the wavelength range of to nm, the downwelled spectral irradiance at the earth surface Ross Island will be used to retrieve the optical depth, thermodynamic phase, liquid water droplet effective radius, and ice-cloud effective particle size of overhead clouds, at hourly intervals and for an austral summer season Oct-March.

The work on uncertainty and measurement of crystal orientation fabric is not only important for studying the development of fabric in ice sheets, but also allows for improved inference of past climate from crystal fabric.