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Had similar experience doing some basic mixing in SoundForge. Very steady interface, easy to get up and running, configures easily in most applications. He has a usb based midi keyboard hooked up, and was playing away. And the same for both in and out of the optical on the daughter card. Their implementation of the WDM driver spec is the best performing that I have seen in any of the dozen or so devices I have played with in my life. Great card, great value. And again a very good solid connection unlike some I have seen on the market.

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It seems similar to re-wire but is application independent. User Control Panel Log out. The drivers support up to 4 cards installed in the system. Essentials Only Full Version. According to the sales rep, it can load huge mdid samples directly of the hard drive instead of having to load them into ram first.

Waveterminal 192M

I did notice however with the install of the original drivers from the factory CD that it set itself up automatically to be the windows default card. This saved having to export once and finding something amiss in the mix and then deleting and redoing another mixdown. The only drawback I see on ESI is they are not really rushing at all to develop 64 bit drivers even that lots of folks at the ESI forum requested this update being this a must.

This card featurewise sits between an Audiophile and one of the higher end cards like the or the Terratec EWS It’s the best place to get full explanations on their audio cards and software drivers. ppro


I don’t see it in their website. My system is not 64 bit so I’m fine with that at the moment.

I better tutorial for this system can be found at the AudioTrak web site. The drivers are rock solid both ASIO 2. It has always performed flawlessly. This however was simply fixed by uninstalling the older driver set and installing the newer version from ESI’s website.

The “E-WDM” drivers supplied with this card is an ESI -developed standard that is what Microsoft’s original WDM standard was supposed to do, that is, create a single driver type that supports all devices. Did you guys read the artical ssi Maudio copying ESI’s studio monitor? In theory it sounds better than re-wire since it shouldn’nt require application changes.

Review on the EIS Waveterminal 192M sound card.

It also gives some examples of how to use directwire with different programs. I’m also looking wavetermminal Sonar for original recording, since VV3 only support the windows sound mapper at this time.

I also could get very low latency and the best thing is the revolutionary interface and driver, that lets you play from one application e. But make sure to follow the instructions to keep things simple. Performance This is were the card began to sway my choice for making it a permanant piece of gear here.

Also, cost was a main concern. Their implementation of the WDM driver spec is the best performing that I have seen in any of the dozen or so devices I have played with in my life. Colorado Springs, CO Status: I have a WAveterminal M and it works great, never had any problems with the card or drivers.


Installing the main card and the daughter card was a nice simple task, fit was good and the mate up nicely. ESI probably writes the best drivers out there, and I’ve never had any problems with any of their drivers. I did not however have that issue appear, the uninstall went fine and windows upon rebooting went right about the task of wanting to install the new drivers.

The manual also gives an example of how to set up the card with PowerDVD. It gives setup examples of several popular windows sound programs, including SoundForge and Sonar.

ESI – Download: Waveterminal M

And I will be eagerly awaiting the forthcoming ESP for the next review of their gear. I would recomend making sure you point to the exact folder you extract the drivers to though to insure a clean install. Uninstalling the M-Audio drivers fixed that right up.

1992m can use just about anything to act as a front end recorder to just about anyting else, including WDM based apps acting as a recording front end for a purely ASIO based app.