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Indeed, we see e1 , ee , f1 , fe , ff in the key up sequence for the multimedia keys Keypad-Minus e0 e1 , Calc e0 ee , Eject e0 f1 , Copy e0 fe , Paste e0 ff. Advertisements or commercial links. When the FLock light is off default the e0 -version is activated. To activate them one has to send the sequence ea 71 to the keyboard. Top left there are four buttons: In untranslated scancode mode 1 they yield the same code as in untranslated scancode mode 2.

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These are four multicoloured keys up at the top of the keyboard for “Home Page”, “Search”, “Shop”, “Mail”.

In addition to usual keys in the usual PC layout this keyboard has 11 extra keys. To activate them one has to send the sequence ea 71 to the keyboard. Miguel Costa reports that his Samsung Ergonomics Keyboard has the following additional keys: Close on F6 key,?

Emachines eKB-5190 Muti-Media PS2 Keyboard

Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: The FLock toggle switches them back to good old function key state. Christian Hammond reports about the keyboard Scroll Wheel: Moreover, the function keys are dual purpose. Click here to review our site terms of use.


Finally, the usual block with four arrow keys has been enlarged by two more keys “page eib and “page right”. On the left touchpad above the scroll wheel: This is a design bug: I have a transparent violet colored “Yahoo! The Menu key may be modified by shift etc.

Also, being a laptop, it has an FN key. Here is the hack I use to send commands to the keyboard. New on F4 key,? By default the function keys are not function keys, they are “Help”, “Undo”, etc.

There is a conjoined dual-button key for “scroll”. The Ez is a mode toggle. The others do not, except for the rather special Switch window key. By default, these buttons eb not generate any scancodes. Top center there is the “Media Center” with a central dial and thirteen buttons: In the default state the scancodes are.

However, when Turbo is pressed simultaneously, the Power, Sleep, Wake keys yield e0 5ee0 5fe0 63 as they should. However, there do not seem to be Power and WakeUp keys.

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The 590 Standby button has a LED that is flashed during a reset. On the left hand side there is a Zoom button. Recent keyboards are basically MF II keyboards, but provided with a bewildering variety of additional keys. This keyboard reports keyboard ID ab 83 translated ab c1. The respective untranslated Set 3 codes are 959d9c949993979a9e9f91wkba2929b96a0a198 equal to the translated Set 3 codes.

Normal e0 0bFast e0 11Faster e0 12Fastest e0 1f. However, my results show 4. Both Windows keys are intended to be used as modifier keys, like both shift and control and alt keys.