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Not ready reading drive D error message when I try to make it read. Originally Posted by dhruba. Information about the driver is displayed. Some games were fussy whether emm was loaded and other games didn’t like it. However, a problem has occurred. Originally Posted by marcoguy.

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I don’t know just what DriverGuide offered you, but there are some drivers that tended to work on almost all drives, and use up far less conventional memory than most other CD drivers.

The drive is being powered correctly; it opens and closes as it should.

Many, if no most of them do. It may be easier for you to troubleshoot that CD-drive in Windows. 6.222 behavior can occur if any of the following conditions exist: I know nothing about writing drivers, so please excuse my ignorance if this is a lot to ask.

MS-DOS bootable cd

Also be aware that the syntax geeric these lines is very exacting and any error in the line will cause the error you describe.


It will be hard to install Windows to that computer since the CD-drive does not work.

Track this 6.22 and email me when there are updates. However it’s got a good selectable menu system. If it does then go to http: EXE cannot access the device, as the driver is not loaded.

All submitted content is subject to our Terms Of Use. Odds are, the sound card has an IDE port on it.

If you still encounter problems, attach to the other IDE port if your motherboard has one, or look on your favorite auction site for an ISA IDE adapter and see if you have better luck with that. SYS driver, try changing it. Is the cd-rom cooked?

First, the genneric driver must be loaded in the Config. Sign up using Email and Password. Would be interesting to see nonetheless. I think the clue is in the description box. By the way, normally, if the hard drive crashed, it will crash again soon. If not, do so then reboot. Tested CD and it boots perfectly, so user can boot a PC with no harddisk and still run programs that require writing to disk. It is a very simple way to determing if the cdrom. The information mentioned in item 1 is shown here: Usually it can 6.222 disabled by a jumper on the sound card.


Useful Dos Files

So far, I have 66.22 Windows 3. This conversation is currently closed to new comments. An unusually large cursor flashes on-screen. SYS has a high compatibility rate, so do some other newer drivers that use notably less amounts of memory, and so OAK’s driver is not the good driver to be recommending. I just have one problem. Good Luck 0 Votes. By geberic our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Thus, the computer is rendered useless.