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There will no doubt be some softening of the image with the x2 on and 2 stops less light, but that might be a price worth paying in some circumstances. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. This limits the amount of additional cropping you can achieve but hopefully will result in less grainy pictures at high ISO. To get the best out of it, it needs to be a bright day as you are reducing the light reaching the sensor by quite a bit. So I bought a 2nd hand EF mm F5. These days I’m much more critical and try to get it right in the camera and do minimal editing afterwards but, at the time, I was highly delighted with the results as they were a great improvement over what I had achieved before.

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My SLR Cameras and Lenses – A Potted History

Saves time by not having to switch lenses, also reduces amount caanon dust contaminating the sensor and hopefully means I won’t miss so many good photo opportunities. I’ve got a specialist camera rucksack that’s pretty big, but with this lens and a camera body inside I have no room for my mm lens, 2nd body and scope. I’ll see how I get on first.

Since it is only 500n need to play around a bit more with this feature to assess it.

With a large capacity compact flash card, I could take 50 or more pictures in a short canpn of time and pick out the ones I liked the best. The mm zoom gave me more magnification – now x6 – i.


I guess time will tell. Some describe this as increasing the zoom by a factor of 1.

imageRUNNER 5000

It still has Image Stabiliser which still works with the x1. So they stays at home these days and the mm and 2nd body only go with me occasionally, carried outside the bag. I’ve always fancied 500n some proper macro photography but wanted to concentrate on the longer lens stuff first and get that reasonably good.

Canoon your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. Well having finally sweet talked my good lady into allowing me to spend a vast sum on the mm prime lens and I wanted a second body so that could use my mm lens without cqnon to swap lenses and get a lot of dirt on the sensor. Of course, that assumed I’d be able to carry it all which I wasn’t. Jessop’s x2 converter In my quest for more magnification at low cost, I purchased a x2 converter from Jessop’s.

Actually most things are considerably cheaper in the US, at least that was true when I used to work there.

I think this cahon works really well and I’m looking forward to trying it out on some small creatures in the spring. As this year marks 25 years of marriage for me and my Mrs, I’ve spent the money on a diamond ring and booked a fancy holiday to the Seychelles. A great buy in my opinion. This model digital camera also helped by virtue of the fact that it appears to crop the picture by a factor of 1. Not in the same league as the 1D which is not without it’s critics but still has some significant advantages over my 20D and 30D bodies.


What frustrates me about using film 5000b cameras is that you can’t easily experiment, because you can’t see the results cano you get the film developed. To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file.

Camera: Canon N ยท Lomography

If you put the converter on to photograph some relatively sessile subject some distance away, and a rare or fast moving species appears nearby, you can’t dismount the converter quickly enough. I was desperate to buy this lens and ordered it as soon as the Mrs said OK. It is a huge lens compared to the old EFmm EF Macro photography differs from close-up photography in that the latter is just that – a close-up, fill the frame picture – whilst a macro photograph attempts to reveal a level of detail not normally seen by the human eye.

This page requires Javascript. Although you shouldn’t get hung cahon on megapixels. canoon

Actually, it has some serious drawbacks. The 7D has 19 AF points compared to the 40D’s 9. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver.

Canon EF mm F2. There is no software for the OS Version you selected.