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Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating. The other two struggle with losing it to the left. A word of warning though – this club is designed to improve consistency, not cure a slice or a hook. I immediately loved it and found my dispersion was very tight and was hitting straight shot after straight shot The titanium club face has an X-Shaped Center with just enough surface texture to repel moisture and impart spin. The FT-iQ Tour Driver produces a more penetrating ball flight and features a slightly open face angle for a look preferred by accomplished players. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

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What I didn’t realise was that it would give me a hook. What can I say? The high launch could have callawaay the shaft it was white is all I know but he definitely wasn’t happy. Definitely on par distance wise with what I am used to playing with even more forgiveness.

Callaway Callaway FT-IQ Drivers

I had seen the pictures on the web like most of the readers and the club was just not my cup of tea based on them. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.


Great work on the review. The sleak looking new Callaway FT-iQ driver has been designed using influences from Lamborghini supercars and stealth jet fighters and the sample obtained by the Today’s Golfer golf equipment team certainly echoes this.

Sam Jones September 21, – 4: Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Sell Your Golf Clubs. The first day we took six people out to the range for some testing to see what their thoughts were.

With a club head design that was inspired by a Lamborghini, we could only hope that it delivered the same aerodynamics of the amazing sports car. I want this one badly. I am having great difficulty to decide which driver to choose can you help please. So nice to have callawaay in this day and age.

Callaway FT-IQ – Reviews – Looking to buy one – Equipment – GolfWRX

Several functions may not work. I have tried both and stuck with my 10 degree FTi and let go of the other one. Because I’m a 77 years old long-time hacker, I probably didn’t need to purchase another driver.

The trajectory is perfect. Previous drivers last a good 12 months grip-wise. Yesterday I hit a really off centre shot I could really hear the clunk and I got about yards off it and a push right but Im sure with my other driver it would have been a horrible shot.


Callaway FT IQ Review – The Hackers Paradise

November 8, – For me the Dymo2 str8 was as forgiving and longer. The reviews are great and the price has really come down. Odyssey Red Ball Putter. They really liked the face at impact but just struggled to keep it straight.

Fil November 11, – 8: Looking forward to seeing the reviews when they come out. I play the FTi from last year and it is missing exactly what the reviewer said.

Thanks for a great club at a very low price. I’ve hit several drives from the toe and heel and watched them sail down the middle. This driver looked very good in our hands.

Callaway FT IQ Review

Tim February 4, – 3: All four of them preferred the new version for one reason. They were happy to oblige for the THP readers and within about 5 days the club arrived. Wilson Staff D7 Irons December 10,