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The wrong connector has been used to connect counter to main body. The serial cable must be physically switched between the machine and densitometer. The applicableimaging unit has failed. When a new transfer belt unit is installed in a machine an internal component on the transfer belt unit changes state; this now indicates that the transfer belt unit is used. See the attached document for detailed instructions. Fixing the problem as follows: All major printer manufacturers make printers that contain or can be loaded with Postscript software, which also runs on all major operating system platforms.

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Common SRA paper measurments in millimeters: Print another Configuration Page. Fixing the problem as follows: If the model is not listed, chances are thatan earlier version of Firmware Imaging Tool is still being used. Completely remove and re-install the driver according to the attached document. For details, please refer to the attached files. This can be found in the Tech Rep mode.

End the call with call code “Escalated to Japan”. Poor Fusing Unit connection. Corrupted firmware orfailed Control Board. Create a new Configuration doc, call it Allservers in the Group or Server name, then save and close the doc. To avoid this, disconnect the phone line before loading firmware.


Solution Escalations System Support has escalated this issue to the Engineering Center in Japan for review and possible correction. Incorrect laser print head adjustment or stripped adjustment screw.

Driver: Postscript-KONICA_MINOLTA | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Poor connection or there are bent pins on the copier-to-scanner interface cable. Solution Please perfrom the step-by-step procedure mentioned in the attached document. When the device goes down can it be PINGed orbrowsed to? Losing network settings after firmware upgrade. Adjust the IDC guide assembly toward the front if it is shifted to the back or toward the back if it is shifted to the front.

For more information, please contact Konica Minolta customer service or service provider.

Please see the attached files forcomplete step-by-step procedure. Parse this data stream for status codes and other useful information.


Stop, 0, Clear Stop, 9 forbizhub C Solution The machine does not have the capability to log a no toner condition and only displays a message to replace toner. Unselect Single Sided Only. Solution Please perform the step-by-step procedures outlined in the attached document.


Change the following c225p set up the printer those settings not changed, keep at default: The correct model numberbeing updated must be viewable. Load the special firmware version according to the below table. Print speed is critically important when buying a printer, but how do you compare print speeds when manufacturers measure it in very different ways?

The processor in a printer or embedded in small devices is often called a microprocessor. The existence of the status code does not imply that aserver must use it when becoming overloaded.

March 3 bizhub CP Controller – no or slow print, scan failure, garbled data, lockup 2. Display resetting to Japanese.

Located on left side above the power switch. Click “Next” to continue. Solution If the utility is used with the cache enabled and Administrator mode has timed out, the timed out page may appear even when PageScope Web Connection is accessed again.