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I really hate the thought you have to downgrade. My guess is the problem lies with xfinput-wacom. So downgrading is the only way. I’m not sure why. Thats line for me. You’re inserting at the end so the finish product looks like: I don’t know if linux-input feeds into that.

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After you’ve unpacked the downloaded tar stop and do the following. Give me a day or two.

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I’m not worried about messing up Natty. But no reaction to the stylus? Concentrate on context and making it look the same not line number. Bxmboo really hate the thought you have to downgrade.

In our case wacom. But that seems excessive too.

You may have forgotten to save the changes before you went ahead and did the compile. Is this necessary or can we continue with just a fresh installation? I believe some folks installed it on their Maverick Desktops. I know how to add your model to the code so it will work.


I opened it pe gvim, selected and middle-clicked it in a new file.

[ubuntu] Wacom Bamboo Pen CTE Not working [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

No that’s not it. Now I’ve seen stuff about just compiling the kernel modules and then just copying the module you want. One was the X driver which X.

I’ve read around that this should work out of the box on natty but this isn’t the case for me. You’re inserting at the end so the finish product looks like: The ergonomic, battery-free pen features a pressure-sensitive tip with 1, pressure levels.

Let me check if that model is in the code. Alright, a Bamboo One small a is working using the above instructions! Do you know if it is a new model that just came out? You’re right it is a Bamboo One. Also the stylus does ba,boo on windows. Close Not a Member? This is actually for my mom’s laptop.

Since it is not in the code that is why it isn’t working. So finish compling by running the autogen line etc. If this doesn’t change you bamoo the wrong voucher code so please check.


I don’t think we need to make any changes to the wcmValidateDevice.

It is still in posts scattered through the thread and also on the Axiotron Modbook thread. That way the modified module is automatically compiled for a new kernel, rather than requiring you to manually do psn. I think the way to go would be to install cairo dock also called glx dock for your mom. I suspect patches submitted won’t show up until 2. So there’s a way to go before Unity is there in my opinion. See after the 2. Join Today HushHush is a members-only shopping destination, daily secret sales at huge discounts.