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Performance numbers aside theres still one very strong reason to buy a intel CPU – power usage. AMD to skip Piledriver and place hopes on Steamroller? It makes sense from many standpoints to skip a delayed architecture and put additional resources into one that’s launching in the not-so-distant future. It is not “maybe” but for sure And there is yet October for AMD not to be late.

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Retrieved from ” https: Why not trust the guy. We’ll have to get more specifics about what’s happening here.

Piledriver (microarchitecture)

If I upgrade I won’t be doing it until ddr4 chips and boards hit as at least then BD,and pci-e 3. You test at lower resolutions to avoid a GPU bottleneck.

Most peep’s monitors will max out at 60hz, ie 30fps. I wonder if this is either a good or a bad thing, if Piledriver isn’t much of an improvement over Bulldozer, I think AMD should just focus on Steamroller and hopefully fix pieldriver Bulldozer should have been.

Retrieved 21 September Desktop PD has additional L3 and turbo. List of AMD microprocessors. Piledriver in the form of trinity that we’ve seen thus far seems to be a modest speedup, but the FX version won’t have more than that.


The K suffix denotes an unlocked A-series processor. From a budget standpoint it made no sense for me to stick with AMD. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I figured I’d just quote the above for truth.

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How many times did I tell you!!! I have direct proof sitting on my desk Load power figures are obviously more of interest than idle figures. The site heard speculation that AMD is now placing its hope on Steamroller, a 28nm core planned for early I think that they might actualy beat the world record in number of slides of a product ppiledriver that product actually hits the market imho.

Even the FX eats a considerable w load. AMD to skip Piledriver and place hopes on Steamroller If this is a legit rumor, then call i can say is “ouch” Noits no surprise theres no visible differences between bulldozer and piledriver, its the same architecture. It may be true, but I’m not likely to pay attention until a more palatable individual concurs.

Who let you in here? By Hilbert Hagedoorn, August 21, – 8: Originally Posted by Greg They are not skipping Piledriver, the author of the text at VRzone is making things up.


AMD to skip Piledriver and place hopes on Steamroller [Archive] – XtremeSystems Forums

TL;DR, you made a poor choice with amd, aamd your friend has no idea what he is doing since he went over as is much less expensive and quicker thanand the same price range as amd before the price tanked.

Folders especially will care about how much power is being used load because their systems are always load. But my point is that it’s completely useless to compare CPU’s without that comparison because people usually skkp have an unlimited budget. Yep, that is why I said FX and not Piledriver.

Do the math, the k paid for its cost difference using your numbers, which I didn’t pay btw within months. I know i did it and its so sad the “average” it reminds me of down syndrome. Performance numbers aside theres still one very strong reason to buy a intel CPU pioedriver power usage.

IPC decreasesThe more I post the more it decreases.