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Can anyone help me solve this thing? There should be a setting somewhere in your BIOS setup menu system. It says it is integrated I did it that way but you can also run two monitors for a spread-out desktop feature as well. Your name or email address: I’m sorry, just freaked out there. If I try to adjust the monitor to fill up the screen, the picture jumps to the right and then the screen is half black.

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Thanks in advance, hope to hear from u soon. If you note, Intel’s Extreme Graphics is virtually anything but, BUT it appears new PC’s are upping the anti and the main key is that there will still be a slot for adding a card. Intergrated means its built into the motherboard lntegrated to make it better you would need to buy a new video card ,either integrted PCI or AGP depends on if your board has a AGP slot or not ,you would have to disable the unboard and instllal the new card.

Where did you get the drivers from for the GPU? The problem isn’t in the OS version difference, more like in the fact that the Graphocs was 32bit and you went to a 64bit system. Alright, I’m having a problem. I was told there could be problems so I await more advice to avoid it not working out as planned.


You indicate that you have a Celeron D 2. That didn’t work either.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® 82845G Graphics Controller

I started by installing Ubuntu. Think of Celeron as being short for “not as good as a Pentium”, and you wouldn’t be too far off base considering that Celeron is basically a Pentium with some of intgerated expensive components reduced to make a budget chip. It jntegrated 64mb, but since it is integrated, I was wondering if there is a way to use system ram as graphics memory. The last week I got an old Fujitsu-laptop that I’m having display problems with.

Well, i have the same video integrated system, only that it is on a laptop, so I cannot change it.

On to your system specs. Nevermind, I fixed it. Unlike them, I did get the latest drivers, but I still have problems with running any games. If you truely want to find out what a card is made to do and what you can expect out of it, hraphics sites that benchmark cards and see what they say about the card you want to get.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® G Graphics Controller

Intel Corporation better known as Intelstylized as intel is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

No need for panic. What made your screen stop working? October 23rd, 4.

So, if you want to play the latest and greatest games, shell out the money for a gaming machine to begin with. It doesn’t have to be able to execute those instructions well in order for it to get the honor.


The time now is Intel is one 82845b the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers, based on revenue. I know this is partly an issue with the Acer AL monitor, which I never would have bought if I knew this was going to integrtaed.

The reason it most likely doenst use 64 megs ram 8245g because you do not have enough available for your system as it shares it from the You also say that you looked around and it had the highest “numbers”, so it should have been the best.

Machines with built-in graphics cards will never be considered gaming machines. I’d have to consider a new PC to have a motherboard that would work. Maybe I could help you help me better if I told you my goal.

Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. But the monitor works fine with everything else I’ve tried it with. What is native resolution for the old Fujitsu? I can see vertical lines at the edge of the screen that shouldn’t be there.