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You can’t post IFCode. You can’t upload attachments. You can’t post HTML code. You can’t send emails. You can read topics. You can’t edit your own topics.

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General Forum Members Points: You can’t delete your own topics. Having played arond around with bkt 64bit config and all the issues it raises for us, we are going to revert back to bit OS and bit SQL. Progress should support it, and I used to work for Openlink www. You can’t vote in polls. We have also created a linked server We are migrating from Progress 9. You can’t send private messages.

You can’t edit your own topics. Find a different 64 bit driver, get a 32 bit server, or pray that someone has written a 64 bit wrapper unlikely.

MERANT 3.60 32Bit Progress SQL92 v9.1D on 64Bit Winows 7

Unthreaded, ascending Unthreaded, descending. You can’t edit other events.


You can’t post HTML code. You will likely get charged, but it should be cheaper than an SQL Server instance. Trying to mix the two environments isn’t going to help. You can’t edit HTML code. You can’t delete other events.

You can’t delete other posts. You can’t edit your own events. You can’t edit other posts. You can’t post or upload images. You can read topics. You can’t post IFCode. That certainly is bad news You can’t edit other topics. You can’t delete your own posts. I would have thought that installing SQL bit on a bit OS wouldn’t have worked at all, but regardless of that, you can’t expect a bit ODBC driver to work at all on a bit OS, regardless of anything else.

You can’t post new topics. There should be 64 bit options for progress.

using bit ODBC driver on bit system

Keep up to date – daily newsletter:. Hi would appreciate some advice if possible please. I’d been led to believe by other sources in the past that this wasn’t realistic You can’t post new polls. Not only have we got to big to Progress, but Synergy various versions as well You can’t post replies to polls.


Everything in its execution space would then run in 32 bit emulation mode, so the 32 bit driver works.