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Any amount of noise present on a phone line can severely reduce a modem’s transmission rate. Sets the duration, in tenths of a second, that the modem waits to hang up after loss of carrier. Minimum monthly payments are required. You have the option to press the following DTMF digits: Back to home page Return to top. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab.

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ON if modem receives a DTR signal from computer. No updates are provided. Kodem trademark for its proprietary technology that uses the digital telephone network to increase the bit rate of the receive channel by eliminating the analog-to-digital conversion commonly found in modem connections. Loads a read-only non-programmable factory configuration.

Starts playback of all new messages.

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In older, slower modems, the baud rate is the same as the number of bits per second see below ; but newer, faster modems have ways of sending more than one bit of data with each pulse, so the number extwrnal bits per second may be higher than the baud rate.

The manual for the ControlCenter software can be accessed through a link within the ControlCenter interface. Your communications software may not function properly if you have more than one version of the software installed or if you are using an older version. Also, you will need to set a password for use with the remote feature of the modem. Solid amber indicates that you have received your messages but that they have not been deleted from memory.


Technical Reference

Make Offer – Loading Auto Answer Sets the modem to pick up the phone line when it detects a certain number of rings. S Registers Table The third enhancement is the “Modem On Hold” technology, which allows your Internet connection to be suspended when there is an inbound telephone call.

In user documentation, the term usually refers to 8-bit units or characters.

Be sure you know what type of line you have. Externa modem will automatically hang up after a period of in-activity. ITU-T An international organisation that defines standards for telegraphic and telephone equipment.

This modem is backward compatible and will negotiate the highest possible speed when connecting to a service provider. An example is the modem’s command buffer. Hz Hertz, a frequency measurement unit used internationally to indicate cycles per second.

Dials, waits for quiet answer, and continues X3 or higher. To determine if your modem is functioning properly, try reinstalling your modem.

Deletes all old voice messages in extwrnal. Windows XP users must be in administrator mode to properly add any new hardware. If Xn is set to X2 or X4, this is time-out length if no dial tone.


Caller ID must be subscribed from your telephone provider before this feature can be utilised. This option only applies to connections terminated by dropping DTR.

What are some common modem terms?

Dials the specified phone number. Even with a single digital-analog-digital conversion on your phone line, you can realistically expect to achieve connection speeds only in the high 30s to low 50s Kbps.

This usually involves altering the BIOS settings and possibly the operating system. Look for another modem listed and if another modem is listed, click the Diagnostics tab to find out which COM port it is using. Double-click the description of your new modem, then click the Driver tab.

F0 Local echo ON; modem sends a copy of data, it sends to the remote system to your screen. Ymodem G This is similar to the Ymodem, except it relies on the modem for error checking, which makes it faster.